Quality Pizza, Quality food.

You will find a bit of Italy and Greece when you stop by Manhattan Pizza.  This is the place to go for pizza, calzones, gyros, pasta, salads and hot and cold subs.  We only serve the highest quality food at Manhattan.  


We cater.

Italian cooking is known for a lot of things. Rich sauces. Fresh pasta. And more than a little basil and olive oil. But what Italian cooking is certainly not known for is going small. We make pots of spaghetti, pans of lasagna, big bowls of salad and pizza pies that block out the sun. That's how we did it it in the old country, and it's how we do it now.



We want to spread as much of the Manhattan Pizza love as possible to the neighborhoods we are in and focus on helping those who live in our local communities. We pride ourselves in community involvement and would love to partner with you on these fun programs. 

Join the team.

We need talented people to keep Manhattan running smoothly.

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